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Beach Brown Tanning Products Ltd

C2 First Floor Falcon Mill

Handel Street



Tel: 01204 845750


Company Reg: 8712640

VAT Reg: GB 995785436

For a deeper, darker looking tan.


  • What is Beach Brown spray tan solution?
  • Why is it superior to other spray tan solutions?


Simple question, simple answer! Only the finest ‘Grade A’ ingredients are used in Beach Brown spray tan solution. Our quality control tests an average of ten litres of every manufactured batch for balance of ingredients, tan quality, tone and spray tan efficiency. That is why we are so proud of our product Beach Brown spray tan solution; both shades are free of parabens.


Florida Deep spray tan solution is designed for the darker skin type – very sultry gorgeous deep tan. Love the, tan live the beach.

Beach Brown Spray Tan Solution Florida Deep 14% 250ml

  • Beach Brown Spray Tan Solution Florida Deep 14% DHA 250ml