All Beach Brown Tanning Products Ltd sunbed engineers are fully trained with over 30 year’s experience.  We have technicians around the United Kingdom who will be able to assist you with almost any repair. We stock in house most spare parts for sunbeds.

  • Sunbed Repairs

  • Sunbed Spares    

  • Sunbed Acrylics for base, canopy or vertical units

  • Servicing

  • Sunbed Re-tubes

Please note a call out fee will apply this will depend on your area, for further details please contact us.  We will require the make and model of your sunbed before an engineer is sent to you.

We have a wide range of acrylics available to order. Depending on the manufacture will depend on the time scale to produce the screen.  Please contact us for a no obligation quote.

Acrylics screens starts from just £60 + vat, this excludes delivery.


  • 6ft 225w 0.3% EU UV Tanning Lamps

  • 2m 225w 0.3% EU UV Tanning Lamps

  • 12” 25w 0.3% EU UV Tanning Lamps

  • Starters

  • Ballasts

  • Lamp Holder

  • Capacitor

  • Fans

  • Contractor

  • Relay Timer

  • Emergency Stop Button

  • Alberice Token Meter

  • L1, L2, L4 Tokens supplied contact us.

We are the only company who manufacture genuine Sontegra base acrylic most other companies use a 5mm acrylic and do not curve the screen this process can cause it to break with stress.

We have two types of base acrylics available for the Sontegra long and short:

  • Long: 2065 x 754 x 4mm

  • Short: 1910 x 754 x 4mm